Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In the MTC

Derek was set apart as a full time missionary on Tuesday night at 9:15pm. On Wednesday we braved the snowy weather in Utah county, ate at the Brick Oven, and then literally dropped him of at the MTC. He was able to send us a quick email tonight. Here are some excerpts from Elder Croft.
"I already love it here, and I have again realized that I have a lot to learn. We spoke almost pure spanish throughout our classroom lesson. I was able to pick it back up pretty quick, but it's still definitely going to be hard. My companion is Elder Andreasen. He's a cool guy from Arizona, and I have a feeling we'll get along well. We've already some good lessons, we had kind of fake training teaching sessions as a whole group of missionaries, and it was amazing how the Lord could still teach us how to teach and how to feel for someone even when they were just actors. I've realized even more so how we have to teach by the spirit and teach the person what they need to hear, not just the lessons. They showed us that we can't be so eager to jump into the lessons that we forget about the needs of the people. I've also realized that we will be blessed with the opportunity to feel what Christ feels for those investigators. It will definitely be an amazing experience, and I'm excited to invite people to come to Christ. I still have a ton to learn, but already I feel like I've learned a lot."
He also says he's scheduled to leave the MTC on March 2.

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