Saturday, October 1, 2011

Transferred to Mount Pleasant

"Well, Transfers brought quite the surprise to Elder Gleed and I. I have now been transferred to Mount Pleasant South! It was honestly a very sad thing! I'd come to really enjoy the ward and working with Elder Gleed. Not to mention the fact that I only got one transfer with my trainee. We were both expecting to stay together so when we received the call out it was a little bit of a shock. Nevertheless, the Lord needs us to do other things I guess, I just hope that I was able to train him, set a good example, and hopefully be a little bit of a strength to him. It was an awesome time training, and it made for a really sweet friendship.

My new area is now in the heart of the DC area! Yep, I'm once again on a bike, this time serving in the middle of the city! Haha, it's actually super super awesome! The apartment is really nice and you can see the top of the Washington monument from the roof of the apartment complex! My new companion is Elder White, he's a good elder that has been out for 2 transfers before this. It'll be interesting to relearn how to work a bike area as well as probably being on a bike in the winter! Haha, it's going to be crazy, but I'm pretty excited about it, and I'm sure that it'll be an awesome experience! I just hope that I accomplish whatever it is the Lord has for me in this area.

A quick update on my last week in Olney though. This week was incredible! Everything finally started to fall into place (just in time for me to leave) :). [The father] has accepted a baptismal date for the 9th of October! We went with him and his entire family to the Visitors Center and he now feels ready and willing to accept baptism on the 9th of October. The whole family and ward are super excited! Hopefully I'll be able to return for this baptism!

Then we had another crazy miracle with a lady... So this story is super awesome! It's the last minutes of the night and we're just not sure what to do. We go to check on a referral but we immediately felt super creepy about going out of the car. Well, we figured we were either being little babies because it was dark out or the Spirit was telling us to go somewhere else. As we're driving in the direction of our apartment I felt like we should turn down this street to check on an old investigator we had. We go to check on them and no one is home, but then Elder Gleed remembers this one lady that told us to come back but we never did. (We assumed she was kind of unaccountable) So we go knock on her door and she is incredibly prepared! She accepted a return appointment and it turns out that she has a friend that's a member in a different ward. We give her a Book of Mormon and plan on being back in two days. When we go back to the appointment we can't go into her house to teach her because we need to have a third male to enter her house and there's no third male. We start to just talk to her on her doorstep and we ask her what she's expecting from listening to us, or what it is she's looking for. It turns out she's been to a bunch of churches, witnesses of Jehovah, Adventists, Catholics, Methodists, and in every one she was just looking for something to "fill her". Yep, gold!!! Haha so we start talking to her and promise her that this will most definitely fill her. We set up an appointment for the next day to go to the Visitor's center and she is completely accountable! We go to the Visitors Center have an amazing first lesson, and she accepted baptism for the 16th of October! The Sister giving the tour did an amazing job. When [the investigator] asked her "Well isn't that a little soon?" she just said "Time isn't a factor, because if you know it's true than there's no point in waiting". She is now on date for the 16th! Super amazing miracle! We've waited a long time to even find just a few solid investigators and now God is blessing us for our diligence, haha unfortunately I had to leave!

Then we had an awesome lesson with... an investigator whose whole family are members. She opened up a ton and we were super blunt and honest with her. Hopefully she can now make the decision to act off of all the good feelings she's been having with the spirit.

In short, it was a sweet week to end on, I'm going to miss the ward and the investigators over there, but it looks like God has other plans for me! We'll have to see what happens over here. It'll be super different, especially since this is a branch instead of a ward."

"As for running I do get to run some, not too much, but now the apartment I'm at has a gym with treadmills, so while I hate treadmills they have the advantage of letting me run at the speed I want even if my companion doesn't want to run. As for conference, I'm pretty sure we should be able to watch it. There are plenty of chapels in a close enough distance we could make it to them. It's crazy that it's already come around again!"

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