Sunday, January 1, 2012

Second Accident with a car (Dec 14)

From Derek's December 14 letter home:
"Ok, so we were biking and we had to call someone, so being the missionary I am, I started to call someone while we were riding, first mistake. Second mistake, my back brakes don't work and because I was riding with my right hand and talking with my left, I wasn't going to be able to stop, because the back brakes are on the right side. In the moment that I had to stop, I made the third mistake. Instead of throwing the phone on the grass or in my pocket to brake with my left hand, I reached over with my right hand to the left brake. Bad idea. Because of that I ended up turning towards the oncoming traffic. The reason I share this part is because it's spiritual, not to scare you all, or to show off or anything. So as I was heading towards oncoming traffic, I started to fall because I also lost my balance. From what I could see I honestly thought I was in a dead on trajectory to get nailed full on by the car that was coming. Literally full on, I honestly thought I was dead, or that I was going to be very injured.

I hit the ground and fell and for some reason the car didn't hit me... What did happen, I was on the ground, somehow my finger was broken, and my front tire was a little bent out of shape. As well as that the hubcap of the tire scraped the top of my helmet as the car drove by. I was literally probably 10 inches from death or serious injury... It scared me a lot.

"Even though I wasn't hurting that bad, especially because of the adrenaline, I was pretty shaken emotionally, I was sure I should be dead or really hurt, and I wasn't emotionally stable for probably a good hour and a half. It honestly scared me so bad, and I learned my lesson, I quickly bought brakes and I haven't talked on the phone since while riding. The spiritual side. I am dead positive that God protected me in that moment when I was about to get hit by that car. It was extremely humbling because I feel that I still have more to do on the earth, clearly it was not my time, and clearly God does complete with his promises. In D&C 84 it talks about the signs that will follow those that are sent out in the name of Christ, and one of those is avoiding poison, or death. While others do die, and I'm still not sure why I did not, I do know that God protects us even when sometimes we're really dumb and do not deserve it. It was a testimony builder for me, a shock, and a good reminder that the Lord truly is watching over each and every one of us in every moment of our days."

"So, for the rest of the week, it was super sweet! We'll start with a fun thing! This Monday we had our mission Christmas party in the VC!! It was sweet! We had a cool dinner, a fireside where President and Sister Matsumori spoke, and we watched a movie! haha yeah crazy! ... Haha it was really funny and a good relaxing thing to do for Christmas!

"This Sunday was also super cool! Man, we've had so many crazy miracles! We're teaching this old lady, ... that's like 70 years old but now wants to come to know Christ, and she's accepted a baptismal date for January First! Then [the young man] had his Baptismal Interview and he's super solid for this Sunday! I'm so happy for him and that he is now willing to be baptized! It's going to be one awesome baptism! We also had a member bring a random family of like 5 kids that all love the church! In short, the Lord is once again opening the windows of heaven and pouring out his blessings! I honestly don't think I've ever seen quite so many miracles as I did this transfer with Elder White. It was incredible, and it's one that will go down in my records as one of the best transfers ever! Transfers are next Tuesday, we'll have to see what happens! Oh yeah, that means I think I'll be writing you all next Tuesday, I think. Anyways, it's super crazy, so many miracles, and crazy times! Even though I feel like we've wasted a lot of time, what with the pizza thing, and then my finger, for some reason God is still blessing us. It is humbling and exhilirating at the same time!"

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