Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Third Week in the MTC

Derek is doing well and having great experiences. Here is some of what he said about this last week.
"Thank you everyone for the birthday cards, they were much appreciated! I almost accomplished my goal of managing to forget my own birthday, unfortunately it was a p-day which kind of locked it in my mind a little. Nevertheless I almost did forget! Last night I was writing in my journal and planning and I realized that the next day was the 18th and so my birthday, so casi, I almost managed to forget! But it's been a good normal day I guess."
"So some cool things happened this last week. Elder Holland came and spoke to us. It was frankly amazing, he's always so passionate, and he has a deep love for missionaries and mission work. He pretty much told us we need to be some of the best missionaries there have ever been... Frankly after his talk, though inspired, I felt deeply inadequate. It was tough, but at the same time inspiring. I was ever more determined to work hard and fulfill my responsibility and duty to God.
He talked a lot about Peter and how he changed from the fisherman to the apostle. When Christ had been ressurected the apostles didn't know what to do, they were kind of lost, inadequate feeling, etc. So they went a fishing (see John 21), Christ appeared to them and asked them if they loved Him more than all these, meaning their past lives, the fishing, and everything else. It was then that Peter realized what had to be done, and according to Elder Holland it was there that Peter stepped into Eternity and Eternal Life. Motivated by love for the Lord he was able to do all things. His love conquered his fears, doubts, etc. and enabled him to become the missionary, leader, prophet, apostle that he became. The man that people would hope even for his shadow to pass over. All because he loved the Lord.
That's what Elder Holland wants us to become, wants us to find within ourselves is that love. And the thing is, it applies to everyone, not just to missionaries, we have to have that same attitude after the mission. We leave everything behind and focus on feeding His sheep. Whether that's in our families, friends, work, etc. That should be the focus of our everyday. How can we feed His sheep, because if we love Him that's what we're going to do. And if that's what we're doing we'll be able to become the people Christ and our Father want us to be. It's intimidating, inspiring, and necessary all at the same time. I'd suggest studying John 21, it's good!"

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