Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fourth Week in the MTC

Sorry this didn't get posted right away. Here are some things Derek wrote on Jan 25:
"So it's been a month now! Crazy to think it's been that long already. It
hardly seems like a month, and it's terrifying to think that that month
means 1/24 of the mission is already over. It almost feels like we won't
have hardly any time at all to do what we need to! Nevertheless, I trust God has made sure we'll have bastante tiempo para hacer lo que necesitamos. To answer some of your questions first. My spanish is improving, and as a District we're getting better at speaking the language together, hopefully it continues...."
"We ... learned this week about Seeking Perfection instead of Perfectionism, and of course our goal should be seeking perfection. Seeking perfection deals with having hope that we can become complete in Christ, and it involves looking outwards in helping others etc. Perfectionism looks inward on one owns self and how we can improve ourselves, rather than in how we can allow Christ to improve us. It's definitely a cool perspective, and one I definitely need to develop more."

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