Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sixth week in the MTC

Elder Croft's letter was a bit shorter this week. Here is what he had to say about life in the MTC:

"So It's been six weeks, we've only got 21 days left here now, and it's hard to believe the time has passed so quickly. When I first got here it felt like I'd never leave, but now we're almost there and I've realized I'll actually miss this place. It's made for some amazing spiritual experiences, and I'll definitely never have as much time ever in my life to just study the gospel. It's been an awesome blessing. Not much has happened this week though, it's been a week of internal reflection, and I've realized a ton of stuff that I need to improve on.

I've begun a more in depth study of the atonement and prayer this week, and it's been pretty enlightening, I'll keep you all posted on things I learn. It's been pretty cool. I think it was Elder Scott that suggested every member should make a personal study plan of the atonement, so I've decided to start it, I've figured it's a good way to further focus my studies.

Um, other things that happened this week, we've been speaking Spanish almost exclusively this week, and it's been incredible how much we've improved as a District. We're far more fluent than we used to be, and it's been fun to learn how to tell jokes and just tell about normal stuff in Spanish, as well as teach. We also taught a native speaker this week in the TRC. It was, to say the least, enlightening. She spoke extremely quickly, with quite the accent. But, amazingly enough we understood a lot of it, and we were able to teach to her needs and respond to her questions and concerns relatively well. She said our spanish was good, but was most likely just being nice... :) But we're trying and definitely improving. "

"I feel super fat, though I've gained only like 4 pounds. I think
I've lost a boat load of muscle. Oh, and the seat of one of my suit pants
tore, so clearly I'm fat... Yeah, que verguenza, yo se."

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