Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fifth week in the MTC

Here is a little bit from what Elder Croft said this week:

"Crazy, over a month has passed, almost a whole transfer. Again, I can't seem to believe it, time passes far too quickly here. Bueno Tengo algunas cosas para decirles. I've had some pretty cool experiences this week, actually it's been a really crazy week. The first thing is that if you'd all like to, I'd like to invite you to commit (Yes, I am extending a committment :)) to read Alma 32-34 and think about the seed not as faith, but as Christ and His atonement in our lives. It's pretty interesting."

He had an amazing experience teaching:

"I know God will provide a way, I know God is aware of us and our needs, I know we are doing God's work, and I know that we can in every way be guided by the Spirit. My confidence and trust in God has grown a lot because of this experience. The other part of this experience that was incredibly powerful was the love we were able to feel for Marcos. As representatives of Christ we were given a huge blessing, to feel in a very small part how Christ feels for Marcos. It was almost overwhelming, and I really can't describe it. Suffice it to say, if we were able to feel the full love of God for even one person as fully as God does, we would pass out, blow up, be translated, something, because our mortal bodies could not handle it. God opened our eyes for a brief moment and we felt His love for Marcos, were able to see in part His potential and God's concern and awareness for Him, and we were blessed enough to share that with Marcos."

He's still not liking the food any better,

"It's kind of too bad I'm not home for Chinese New Year, it's sad, because the food here is no bueno, and I would much rather have [Mom's] cooking... Alas, two years. And I don't remember us getting sick of your chinese food...."

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