Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another week!

Hey everyone, so, I just talked to you all, which was awkward, haha but not
as weird as I thought it would be. It was mostly just awkward because the
next time I'll be talking to you guys I probably will just say "hi, see ya
in a week." and then hang up  haha Just kidding. Anyways, it was good to
talk to you all, it really struck me how long I've been gone as I spoke to
you all. Man, you guys all seem quite a bit older, Rachel is no longer 16,
Jared's voice is deeper than the bottom of the ocean, and Jonathan sounds a
lot more grown up. Mom and Dad sound pretty much the same, and Jessica
sounded rather flustered haha. It was really strange.... Anyways, you all
pretty much know how I'm doing, things are going incredibly though! Some
things I didn't tell you was that while we were talking we also had a
workshop that we had to finish up for the next day, which made for one of
the first nights that I stayed up as a missionary. Yeah, I didn't think
that would ever happen, nor that it was allowed as a missionary. Still, we
got it done, and the workshop actually worked out really well for our zone,
hopefully they were able to learn a few things that they didn't know
before. This last week has been a crazy one though. It's probably been one
of the busiest weeks for us, what with trainings, so more specialized
trainings (this time in spanish), and exchanges it's been a very busy week.
Luckily the Lord continues to bless us even though we have less time in our
area. We have some extremely solid investigators, John, that is still set
on being baptized on the 26th as well as another family who is loving the
church! The mother came to church this Sunday and really enjoyed it. She
said it was the first church that she'd ever really felt comfortable in!
We're really excited for them and they'll hopefully have a baptismal date
soon! It's also been a rather difficult week what with increasing feelings
of inadqueacy and being overwhelmed. There's a lot to do, and sometimes I
swear we'll just never be able to do it all, or if we do manage to do it
that it won't be up to the standards of the Lord. It's been a very very
humbling transfer, and this week has probably been the culmination of that
process. Still, it's been an opportunity for me to grow and I've learned a
lot of things. Some of those insights would be I need to start enjoying my
time as a Zone Leader more. I got the most distinct reminder that this
won't last forever, and that when it's over I'm going to miss it. I'll miss
worrying about other people's areas, about how we can help the members of
the zone, etc. It was a good reminder, and hopefully I'll be able to take a
little more joy in the journey in these next few weeks that follow. Well,
that's about it family! It was good to talk to you! Time is moving by far
far far too fast....

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