Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another week(Ha Jonathan;))

So this week was quite the crazy one! Getting used to a new zone where the
companion also knows nothing about the zone has made for some slightly
stressful but fun experiences this week! So there's been a lot of planning
and trying to organize things for this transfer as well as for some
meetings we have coming up, haha so it feels a little bit like what Dad
does, but luckily there's also been plenty of time for working in our area.
Now for the third transfer I think I've finally figured out how to have a
fairly decent balance of zone and area focus. Anyways, on to the almost
typical miracles that seem to happen all the time!  So this week was
incredible, the area had just exploded so we were kind of worried about
finding new people, but luckily that was not the case, the Lord provides
the miracles! So this Friday we found a super cool family that was
extremely interested and prepared and accepted a baptismal date for the
20th of May! And they even came to church! Haha that's the cool part! The
not so cool part is that Sacrament meeting was super long and super super
hot and noisy... Hopefully they still felt the spirit though! They're super cool, but that's just the beginning of the miracles. At church we had 5 people we had never met before whom members had just invited to come to church, all of which were interested in learning more, and one of which has now accepted a baptismal date. Then last night a member invited his friends to the Visitors Center with us and they are also super interested and one of them has a baptismal
date as well! In short, man, it was incredibly ridiculous!!! We really do
nothing at all and the blessings of the Lord pour out from the sky, we're
just seeing people that are truly prepared to come into the gospel pretty
much come up to us asking to be taught. It's super super crazy! I'm also
really excited to work with Elder Sanchez, he's a super good missionary and
he's already taught me quite a bit! I have a feeling we're going to be a
good companionship together. Oh, we also had a baptism that I was just kind
of thrown into of a 9 year old little kid. Haha man, he's super cool, and
like Jessica said you just have so much love for these people! Even though
I only taught him twice before his baptism the little kid won a part of my
heart. I just worry about him now, his Dad is kind of a bum, and he has no
good examples... Hopefully he'll be able to be strong, it was a beautiful
and simple baptism though, not crowded, and a focus on the sacredness of
the ordinance. It was a really powerful experience. Other inner thoughts
that Elder Sanchez and I have been discussing has once again been the
selfishness and pride of many missionaries in the misison, in the zone, in
ourselves. It's so easy to get caught up in working for numbers, working to
baptize a lot, instead of working for the people. I love seeing new
missionaries come out because they're still "pure", at least a lot of them.
They're here because they want to share what they have felt and know with
others, the root of all misisonary work, rather than pleasing the
President, or working for their leaders, or whatever else it may be. They
have a true love for the investigators and people and that's why they want
to baptize them. It seems to be a constant battle of motivations, but
hopefully we can help our zone and ourselves purify our motives and make
sure we remember why we're really here. Some other questions that have come
up are those questions on faith/goals that came up a little while ago. Oh,
some incredible news!!! Elder Bednar will be coming to give a mission
seminar for us this Saturday!! We're super pumped, it's going to be an
incredible experience! He gave us two talks to study that I'll forward to
you guys, they're incredible and extremely rebuking, haha at least in some
ways, but they're awesome! 

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