Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Time flies by too fast!

Man, time is just moving by faster every single day... It's ridiculous how much stuff we do, how quickly it goes, and that it is once again P-Day. So this last week was spent doing the finals on transfers. Unfortunately it had a couple of bumps along the way, like Elder Brown and I totally messing up all of transfers, but in the end it turned at alright. Let's just say that it was probably one of the most difficult times of the mission up until this point. It's silly too, because it ended up not being too bad, but it's amazing how the mission seems to amplify both your strengths and weaknesses. We strive so much for perfection as missionaries, perhaps more than at any other time in our lives, and because of that any little thing seems like a huge problem. It's taught me a lot about myself, as well as about the things that I need to work on with the remainder of the mission.
However, we have had a few pretty awesome experiences. The church recently constructed a huge new chapel on 16th street and Emerson NW in Washington DC. It's a street that is just lined with tons of churches and the church had to fight a huge legal battle in order to get a hold of the property and then get the zoning permits to build a chapel on it, but in the end it is probably the most impressive chapel I have ever seen. To kind of kick off the opening of the building the church spearheaded a service day here in the DC area and hosted it at the 16th street chapel. It was so big that the city and the state jumped on board and made it a public event. The church even sent 6 semi trucks with $40,000 of food to the chapel and surrounding food banks as well as $1,000 deposits to the bishop's storehouse to various food banks. Then a bunch of members as well as non-members of other faiths got together and we packed tons of boxes of food at the chapel. It was an incredible experience to see so many people there serving, many of different faiths, and to feel the spirit of service that prevailed in the area. It was an awesome experience and it was the epitomy of deseret, haha it just felt like a beehive in there!
This week we've also had a number of meetings where unfortunately we've had to "drop some cane" or "lay down the law" as they say in English. Haha yeah, we had to clarify some issues that have been going on in the mission, nothing major, but some little things, I've got to say that that is still my least favorite part of being in leadership, though it is still a good thing, it means we get to help people reach their potential, which is what really matters. We also went to the temple again today which is always an enjoyable and enlightening experience. Other than that, not too much out of the ordinary has happened, but I'm sure that this next week of transfers will bring a number of surprises that I can't quite tell you yet ;) Let's just say that it is going to be completely unexpected for anybody in the entire mission...
Meanwhile, Conference is coming!!! I've got some questions prepared, it's going to be sweet!

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