Thursday, March 3, 2011

In The Field!

Elder Croft's mission president, President Matsumori, called to let us know he got there safely and was well prepared. We also got our first email from him on Wednesday!

"I'm in the field! Thankfully they gave me some time to sleep yesterday, so yesterday was really easy, though I was really tired, haha. And then today [Wednesday] is their p-day, so it's going to be another easy day. Apparently we have an appointment tonight though which will be cool, and then we have a ward correlation meeting, so unfortunately no proselyting until tomorrow. But my trainer is pretty cool, his name is Elder Castillo.... It's his last transfer, and he seems pretty determined to make it a good one, so I'm excited to work with him. I'm also in a trio, which will be kind of interesting. My other companion is Elder Shinost, (Shy nist). He seems like a good missionary as well....It'll be interesting to work out how we're going to teach and everything.

My area is Langley Park, apparently it's super hilly, haha which will be fun with the single speed [bike], but no worries, it'll make sure that I still have "legs of steel" when I get back! :) The area is also full of Hispanics, apparently I won't see a single white person while I'm there, and if I do, it means they're lost. Everyone is hispanic or black, so just a little bit different from Utah. But, it's exciting!

So many people need to hear the gospel here! It's weird being in a place where no one knows who "those guys in the suits and the tags" are, and most have probably never even heard of the Mormons. It'll definitely be an eye opening experience, and an exciting one! Overall I'm feeling pretty ready, or at least ready to get started, ha, I'm sure I'm not actually ready, but I'm ready to jump in and flounder around!"

"I also got to go to the temple today. It's a beautiful temple, and it was a good experience. I walked out of there feeling ready to go out and teach the people! It'll be cool, and the visitors center is a huge tool!"

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  1. Stay warm, Elder Croft. We all miss seeing you around, but enjoy hearing from you! Your trio is going to be the BEST!