Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Proof He's Really There

President Matsumori sent us a nice letter and a picture in front of the temple, so I guess Elder Croft must really be there! We also got a paper letter from Elder Croft written the day he arrived.

On the first flight, he helped a spanish speaking mother arrange to change seats to sit by her child. On the second flight he sat by a Catholic girl from El Salvador who didn't speak any English. He shared his testimony, gave her a pass along card, and invited her to check out mormon.org.

Now some of his own words.
"The President also had me do another cool thing, he had me go to the temple grounds & check in with the Lord to the mission. It was a really good experience. I have no doubt that this is the mission I have been called to serve. It's going to be awesome, and I have no doubt the Lord will go before my face as I am here. God is with me on this mission, I have no doubt of that!"

"I've got it easy these first two days. I even took a three hour nap today! Though at the same time, while necessary, it's kind of a bummer, I want to get to work! I feel like I could've done stuff today, especially at [lunch when the AP's took me to] IHOP, but I guess I'll learn, and tomorrow night begins the work! I'm excited, slightly nervous, but confident the Lord will guide me.

It's beautiful here!"

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