Thursday, March 24, 2011

Third Week in DC

Time related to missions is sure strange. In many ways it feels like it is flying by to us. Derek comments on it too.

"Man, it seems like it's been way longer than three weeks, and yet at the same time I can't believe 22 days have gone by since I entered the field. Well, this last week flew by, and I honestly can't think of many cool things that happened. All the days kind of blend together and it feels like it was just p-day."

"... we've had some mini miracles. Just the other day we were walking along and I really felt like I should talk to this lady we just passed. Turns out she's heard of the church before and thought we were cool because we were always out walking around with a smile on our faces. She committed to order a Book of Mormon and call us without us even asking her. So far she has yet to call, but gotta have faith right. Later that day we also had another lady say "Mormons" as we were walking past her, which is rare here since very few people know who we are. So we turned around to talk to her :) turns out she's from India and she knew a lot about the church over there, I guess there a quite a few members where she's from. She gave us her number without us even asking, it was sweet!"

"We had a meeting with the president yesterday..., a combined district meeting, and we were interviewed. It was interesting, I kind of felt reprimanded. I guess my personal study needs to improve, according to the President, though I'd felt I'd been doing well, but I'll have to step it up!"

"Some other random news. We had a zone activity in the mall today. A scavenger hunt type thing in the mall which was way fun! I realized more and more how lucky I am to be serving in the nation's capital! I'm excited to get a chance to see the museums in the next two years.

Also some super weird news. We just got news from the president today that we can watch the BYU game tomorrow night!! I have mixed feelings because I still want to work a ton, but I want to see the game as well..."

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