Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No Longer Counting Weeks

Derek is starting to lose track of time. Here's some quotes from his letter this week:

"Man, time flies, hard to believe it's almost transfers, not to mention that it's p-day again, I literally feel like it was two or three days ago."

"This last week for me has been kind of normal, nothing too incredible. We taught a family of four, I think I may have told you about them... they're still super cool, super interested, and have a ton of questions!"

"Conference was probably the highlight of the week! ... It was cool to hear so much about missionary work, but the things that actually really hit me were Elder Oak's talk on Desire and Elder Uchtdorf's talk on reaching our potential. I felt like they were exactly what I needed to hear.... One of my greatest fears is not reaching my potential because I was lazy or complacent, and those talks really spoke to me."

"We have a baptism ... this Sunday, a 9 year old girl..., she's the daughter of a ... member... Other than that it's been a slower week in terms of teaching, we're trying to find some new people to teach and have so far had little luck. Hopefully we'll get some new people this next week."

"Oh, and I got my bike today! [It was damaged in shipping and Derek has been riding a loaner mountain bike] Whoot! It's super nice and super light! I have a feeling it'll be a lot more fun than the mountain bike, though the hills may be interesting with a single speed, there are some pretty huge hills, so my thighs will just have to get a little larger ;)

Other than that nothing exciting, though we did go to the temple today which was good, 5 weeks seems like a long time with no temple attendance!... Here in the DC temple couples can sit together if you sit in the middle, cool huh!"

"Have a good week! Oh and guess what I can call again soon [on Mother's day], weird huh?"

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