Thursday, April 28, 2011

No One Showed Up

"Man, this week flew by really quickly, way too quickly. We only have 4 weeks left in the transfer, and there is a ton to do it seems. This week was honestly a little stressful. We feel like we're at a stand still with all of our investigators. [The] family can't get baptized until [the father] gets back from his trip, so it's still a waiting game. We did go to the Visitors Center with them again on Easter for a special choral performance which was pretty cool. They're still going strong, and have their goal aimed for a family sealing in the temple! However, no doubt he's going to face some trials on his trip, so prayers would most definitely be welcome! Especially since we probably won't have much contact with him!

Then we have [a couple] which are still at a standstill. We've determined we need to push them a little harder to keep the commandments, and maybe get [the man] baptized even before a marriage instead of just waiting, that will definitely be an interesting conversation haha.

Then it was super disappointing this Sunday because we set a goal of 4 people at sacrament meeting, with a personal unwritten goal of 7, and we had 8 investigators that should've gone, half of them confirmed with us Sunday night, as well as 5 or 6 less actives. No one showed up! Whoot, humbling! Yeah, God decided to humble us I guess... Slightly depressing, but we figured we must be doing something wrong, so we're trying to switch it up a little bit this week and switch our focus a little more, and be more bold with our investigators. Ha, I read in a talk as well that if you've set the goal and all your investigators drop out on you go knock some doors and talk to people on the street with a prayer of faith that you'll find people willing to go to church, so we did it, and got denied by some Catholic families, nevertheless, we were trying! Luckily we weren't too depressed, just frustrated, and we're still working just as hard, if not harder. This Sunday will most definitely be better, as long as God agrees of course! :)"

"So weird to think it's almost May, and that I graduated almost a year ago! It feels like so much longer and so much shorter at the same time!"

"Life is pretty good right now though, the routine continues, and hopefully we can figure out how to use our time a little more effectively this week. We just don't know what to do between like 12-3, nobody's home, so knocking is almost useless and a waste of time, as well as checking on references. If you have any ideas let us know, we really won't to change it up so we can learn how to use those hours of the day!"

"Man, time is passing way too quickly, before I know it I know I'll be at my 6 month mark, 1/4 of the way... It's super sad that it's all going by so quickly! Still, the work is great, and thankfully I still have a boat load of time left! :) Pray for us to have some miracles, we need them! We already see a bunch, but we could definitely use some more!"

"Buen suerte a todos!"

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