Saturday, April 2, 2011

Three Months as a Missionary

We got an email from Derek on March 30 and then received a paper letter on April 2 that he also wrote on March 30 -- he doesn't have time on the computer to tell us everything he wants to. Here are some comments from both letters.

"Wow, I can't believe it's already the end of March... Time moves by really quickly, strange to think I've been here a whole month, not to mention that I've gone through 3 of 24 months... It hardly seems real, and I have a feeling these next 21 are going to move by faster than I'd like to believe."

" was a really good week! The Lord has really been behind us and he's been blessing us with a lot of people to teach and some really cool experiences and opportunities to bless other people. It's been amazing to see the Lord work with us this last week!

"... we decided to go check on [some former investigators]. Turns out that morning he'd been watching the news, and seeing all the crazy stuff going on he prayed to God for some guidance. Not long after that we knocked on the door!! He recognized us as an answer to prayer and gathered his whole family to be taught!"

"... when we showed up at [one of our investigator's house] she said she'd decided to go to another church... Man it was super sad/frustrating because she says she has no doubt the Book of Mormon is the word of God."

"...After that downer we decided to go check on [another man we'd met three week ago]. Turns out 2 weeks ago... he woke up in the hospital due to alcohol intoxication.... he said it was a huge wake up call, especially since he has 2 little girls.... he said he genuinely wants to change his life. He's looking for God, religion, and he wants to have a real family and be a good Dad to his kids. It's incredible and we're really excited to teach him and show him the power of the atonement!"

"We randomly decided to go to a members house and it turns out her less active son is there just for that day. Also turns out he really wants to go back to church..."

"Yesterday we were walking around and we had this feeling that we should go talk to this random lady. So we did! Turns out her sister died recently and she's having a really hard time with it. We share a brief message about eternal families and you could see the change in her just from that one thing!... We're excited to help her, and help her come to the Savior and find peace."

"Ah, it's all so cool, and so exciting to she how involved God really is in everyone's lives, and to see how he's guiding us. We truly can be tools in his hands. It's a huge blessing and a humbling responsibility, one I only pray I can fulfill well. I feel horrible thinking about any potential prompting I may have ignored, and postponed the help someone needed.... But how grateful I am for the ones I have listened to!

Ah, the work is great, and even though we have yet to baptize, the Lord is blessing us a ton!"

"Have a good conference week! It'll be weird not going to priesthood [conference] with Dad or watching it with you all"

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