Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Not transfered

"Well, transfers aren't too exciting for this week, Elder Lee and I will be staying together in Olney!"

"...the District was cut in half which will make things a lot easier for Elder Lee and I. Now there are only two companionships which means Elder Lee will be able to focus more of his energies on our area rather than on the other companionship's areas, not to mention the fact that now we'll be able to plan our days rather than me just chilling while he does all the nightly call ins. It's going to be a lot better and I'm pretty excited for the transfer, hopefully we'll be able to work pretty well and bring people to Christ.

Unfortunately this week was also kind of a tough one... We lost almost all of our investigators, and I don't know if it was our fault or what. This is what happened. We ended up doing a ton of service, one of which we were definitely supposed to do. We helped out this lady that had gone through some really tough problems recently, and we were able to help her move and help her out. It was really an awesome experience to see how much such a small service meant to her, and how much it really touched her. She also became extremely open to the gospel because of her circumstances and our opportunity to serve. It was awesome, and we could feel the Love of God and Christ for her so strongly. Hopefully she now takes the time to come to know the gospel, because that is really what will make the difference in her life! The next day we also did service all day for a less active lady, unfortunately I'm not entirely sure if that was the most productive thing to do with our time. That combined with some sickness this week resulted in kind of a tough week... Honestly for some of it I didn't even feel like a missionary, it wasn't that great, but hopefully we'll be able to refocus this week and focus our efforts more on our area, our investigators, and on helping the members.

Oh this Saturday we also had a ward mission activity which was awesome, but definitely a different type of missionary work then normal teaching. It was still pretty good though. Other than that, not too much happened, it was just a really hard week...

Oh, and the 4th of July was just a normal day, haha we couldn't even see fireworks from where we are since we're pretty far from the city, but it was still good, our Bishop threw us a barbecue so it was nice!"

Gracias a todos y les quiero! Buen suerte con esta semana que viene! (Thanks to everyone and I love you, Good luck with the upcoming week!)

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