Saturday, July 2, 2011

Time flies - late post

Derek sent this on June 23. I was out of town most of the week and forgot I never posted it.

"So time is going by way too fast, I'm now officially a week away from my six month mark... It honestly feels like Christmas was a few weeks ago.."

"Some of the coolest things that have happened this week, I learned some Swahili! We ran into this guy from Kenya so I got to use my limited knowledge of Swahili, it was cool, plus he taught me how to say I know Jesus Christ lives in Swahilie. Najua Yesu Kristo anaisi! We also had a cool miracle where it was raining and we were standing at the door of this Less Active's house. He wasn't answering and it was raining really hard. We sat there debating what to do, and it just started raining harder and harder, and then magically the Less Active guy opened the door and let us in! Right after the rain stopped, it was crazy, God works in mysterious ways. Thanks to the rain we were able to talk to this guy.

Haha, then there was this super funny experience where we were talking to this one old lady who said her name was Grammy. She shook both our hands, but when she shook mine she stopped, put her hand on my shoulder and said "You're really cute!" Slightly flustered I said thank you and then tried to talk about the gospel with her but she just started to walk away. Well I went after her to give her a card, she turns around, grabs my hand again and then starts to move in for what looked like a kiss... Hahaha I was super flustered and actually gently pushed her away and said "m'am we're actually not allowed to do that, have a good day!" Meanwhile Elder Lee is about dying of laughter. Haha, it was really weird, but pretty funny.

Later this week we had some incredible miracles though. We had an incredible lesson with a less active family, I've rarely felt the spirit that strongly in lessons, and they should be at church this week!"

"Then we talked to [another] lady. She's been going through some tough times as well and has really now been prepared to receive the gospel. We had an awesome lesson about the restoration, but then because of some miscommunication we didn't extend a baptismal invitation. We felt really strongly after we'd left that we had to return and invite her to be baptized, so we did. We drove back and while she didn't right now accept, it was definitely the right thing to do, and she'll be baptized soon I'm sure! It was cool to be able to feel the promptings of the spirit and then be able to follow them and see the blessings come as well. In short, the work is really starting to pick up in this area, and we've got a good teaching pool going, crazy that the transfer is almost over though... Oh, and sorry this email is a day late, we're going to a baseball game today as a mission so they changed the P-Day. That's the week though, it was a good one, and I'm excited for this next one as well!"

"The work is great, and the gospel is true, talk to you soon!"

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