Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another Week

Hey family, so this week was a pretty good one! We had another baptism this week and [J] and [V] were confirmed! It was super sweet, and even though it was kind of a crazy week it was a good one! [J] and [V] are crazy and have already read some of the Pearl of Great Price and love how there are other worlds. Not to mention that they've also watched all of the work and the glory! Haha it was really cool! Man, the week honestly went by so fast that I honestly don't know what happened. We just worked really hard and saw a ton of cool miracles! The zone is doing incredibly well with every single companionship with a b-date and 18 b-dates for next transfer which is almost unheard of! It's honestly super incredible! Other things, Elder Salazar is finishing his mission and is starting to get a little trunky, but he's doing incredibly well considering he has less than a week left. It's also been a cool week to receive some personal revelation on some questions I've had about life and about myself, the Lord has really been talking to me lately and it's been an interesting experience. Other than that, I honestly can't think of anything specific. It's all just becoming more and more of a blur, the time is just flying... 

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