Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another Week

Wow, this week flew by so fast! I honestly swear that yesterday was P-Day! Some cool news for P-Day we went to the city for the cherry blossom festival! It was pretty sweet and, as expected, there were a ton of cherry blossoms!  I'm sure someday I'll eventually send home some pictures. Other interesting events. I ate the third hottest chile in the world for the second time on Thursday, it's called the scotch bonnet pepper, surprisingly not too bad, that's what all that Mexican food does for you! Then we had Zone Leader Council on Friday which is a very interesting meeting. We received some very usual instruction that will undoubtedly help throughout my whole life. We learned about working in councils and the doctrine of councils, it was extremely interesting, and it was cool to see the principles of council working as they're applied in Zone Leader Council or Ward Council or Family Council or even just between companionships. As for our area, it's also doing relatively well, not quite as many ridiculous miracles as I had with Elder Salazar, but we still see those little miracles every day, one of which being that we were finally able to contact an investigator that lives about a 30 minute drive away and have a very good lesson with her. She's the wife of a less active man, so we're hoping that the family can be united in the gospel! Church was also super incredible! Haha Natalie miraculously came to church, she was called into work but then it rained just in time for church and she was able to come! Then our recent investigator [J] received two callings at church! He's now a teacher in the Elder's quorum and a teacher for the 12-13 year old! It was super awesome, and he already knows more than most members so hopefully it won't be too overwhelming for him! Elder Lee and I were also able to plan a workshop for an upcoming training we're doing. Haha it's super weird because as Zone Leaders we're all going to be training all the leaders of the mission on how to teach the missionaries. It's still weird for me, I don't feel at all like a Zone Leader, let alone capable of doing this training, but after some failed attempts we were able to follow the spirit and hopefully the workshop turns out well tomorrow! It's just been a super busy week of planning, preparing, and teaching! It's also been a pretty humbling time for me as I've tried to realize how to work the area since there were some days where we didn't teach even once... It's good though, it reminds me of Olney, and it's in those times that we grow the most! 

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