Wednesday, March 14, 2012


So this week has been an interesting one for me, very interesting. Haha it's been kind of like the shift in my mission I feel like. There have been a lot of shifts, but this is probably the biggest one that has happened. This week Elder Salazar and Elder Shinost (who helped train me) finished their missions.... Man, super weird, but they were honestly the least trunky people I've ever seen, they worked hard until the end! It was really weird though, because with the death of Elder Shinost it ends the epoca where my older companions finish their missions and kind of where all my role-models have now finished their missions... Not to mention the fact that I'm now training a new Zone Leader... It's been a really weird paradime shift of the mission, haha it's actually really uncomfortable, but I guess it had to happen and it'll just keep happening. Hopefully now I can be for other missionaries what those missionaries were for me. But for some cool miracles, man, this week was incredible! Probably the highlight would be that Elder Shinost had been teaching a family about two years ago that doesn't live in our area, but we're the closest Spanish elders to them, so we get to teach them, and they are incredible. The mother has met with missionaries for over 6 years and the father is a less active member. Elder Shinost invited them to church and they loved it! Man, after that we went to an appointment with them on Monday and it was probably one of the most spiritually powerful lessons that I've had on the mission. She almost accepted a baptismal date for the 1st, not quite, but she is set on preparing herself for that day and then seeing what happens. It's super incredible, and the coolest part is that it will be another completed family! Man, there is nothing more incredible than that! We've also had some other interesting experiences where the spirit has just touched people so strongly that they have been impelled to make changes in their lives. A testigo de Jehova, this eternagator, it's just been incredible. The Lord is working with these people and we literally just stand all amazed at the work He does each day! It'll be another incredible transfer! I also have a new companion, his name is.... Elder LEE!!! Haha yep, another Elder Lee. He's a good missionary and I think we'll get along well! Man, it's just been a lot of time of thought as I think of how the mission has changed me and how it continues to change me. I love the mission so much, haha and even though Mom says it seems like it's still a long time before I come home it seems like it's a very very short time... I'm stuck with the fact that I only have [10] months. The Zone is also going to do really well. Man, it's just super miraculous, haha, I'm sorry my letters just seem to get less and less detailed, I honestly don't know what else to say, we just see miracles! [J], [V], and [J] are still probably some of my favorite people, haha man, they're so cool! [V] turned 75 this Saturday and received a triplet for his birthday and he's loving it! Man, he's just been reading and drinking it up! I've also heard that other converts from the mission are doing well. There are a few that are now less active... But many are still strong! Hopefully they continue strong and make it to the temple and to the celestial kingdom! 

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