Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Another week

So this last week was probably one of the most spiritually uplifting weeks that I've had on the mission. I feel that the Lord is blessing me with some incredible opportunities which have both humbled and inspired me. To begin with this last Monday we began to teach a family that was referred to us by one of the members of the ward. It's a family of 6, however the Father is currently not interested in the church. However, we began to teach the mother and all of the kids and it has been an incredible experience. We've already had 3 lessons with them and they have a lot of questions on all of the doctrine but have loved how it all makes sense and seems to go with the things they've thought of themselves in regards to the pre-earth life, prophets, more scripture, the godhead, etc. It's been just incredible to see how the Lord has prepared these people to receive the gospel. We've also been able to teach them with their member friends and it has been a further testimony to me of the importance of members in the work. Their testimonies make such a difference when sharing the gospel with these people. This last Monday we were able to teach them about the gospel of Jesus Christ and then invite them to be baptized! It was incredible to see the resolution in their eyes and the joy that came as they accepted the invitation to be baptized on the 13th of January. The Lord continues to pour out his blessings on us and on His children. It is an incredible family and it is just a blessing to be able to teach them. They're home feels like any active member's home and they have such a light that just screams the fact that they are ready to receive the restored gospel. So that's the first miracle, the lessons in themselves are all miracles. The next miracle is that Nick Cutter will be getting baptized this Sunday and he's asked me to baptize him! That should be a pretty incredible experience as well, he's a good kid that has grown a lot in the time we've been teaching him. It'll be exciting to see him hopefully one day go on a mission as well! So that is a very brief rundown of all that has been happening in terms of our area. We've also been on tons of exchanges and blitzes recently and have many more in the next week. Things are crazy busy and it's been amazing to just be working hard, seeing miracles, and feeling the spirit. There really is nothing better than missionary work!
We also had the mission tour this last week and I mentioned that Elder Packer was coming. It was incredible as he spoke on the importance of the spirit in missionary work, the goal of becoming, and of truly acting as our Savior would act. I feel that it was exactly what the mission and myself needed to hear. Through a variety of experiences and spiritual impressions I felt that the meeting was specifically directed at myself and the needs I've been having as well as the needs our investigators have been having. Needless to say it was a powerful experience. Then I had another incredible experience, one that I was most definitely not expecting and for which I am extremely grateful. It humbled me a lot, but I was interviewed by Elder Packer. Needless to say it was quite the learning experience for me, and a spiritual experience that I will never forget. The thoughts, impressions, and feelings run deep on this one, probably too deep to really be able to describe. However, he did say that he and his wife say hi to the family as well as the grandparents. He is definitely an inspired man, and it was a blessing to be able to be instructed by him. There truly is no comparison for the blessing of the mission. I feel that the mission and all of these experiences that I have been able to have have been blessings too great to describe and that they have literally shaped me to be a better person, and that they will in a large part define the rest of my eternal life. The Lord is definitely doing His work, both with ourselves and with those in our area. How incredible it is!

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