Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ok, I have to cruise because the computer has a limited amount of time and other elders are waiting, and unfortunately it's kind of late so I'll give a brief run down. The storm was supposed to be epic and unfortunately completely missed our area! Haha so it really wasn't that bad, we were told to stay inside and all day all it did was rain and blow a little wind, so unfortunately it was nothing spectacular. Other than that this week has been a difficult one... We have a bunch of people that were showing so much potential but that now are struggling... We haven't been able to get in contact with a lot of people, despite our repeated efforts and we're now pretty sure that most of them are avoiding us. So it's been kind of a difficult week... It's good because it's reminding once again of that mentality that you need to have in the field of doing everything possible and then relying on the Lord to provide the miracle, and miracles are happening. Just the other day we were checking on a former when I felt the distinct need to knock some doors around there. The first door we knocked was an old lady that said she had just received a Book of Mormon from a friend that had been trying to get her to listen to the missionaries. She knows a ton about the church and says that maybe since she wasn't willing to let her friend pass us to her God just decided to send us by! It was pretty amazing and we should be teaching her later on this week. Other than that, this week was crazy, we had a ton of meetings, and we also had Elder Cook come and give a special mission conference. He talked a lot about member missionary work, about the new influx of missionaries that will be coming in, and about a lot of the changes that will be coming. The work of the Lord is definitely progressing and we're going to see an increase in the number of missions, missionaries, etc. It's pretty incredible! I only wish that I could extend two or three transfers to see it all happen! We also had some other meetings, Zone Leader Council, which I admit it was hard to be on the other side again. It was just a shock to realize all the things that have been happening that I haven't even heard about when before I was informed on everything. It was weird... Anyways, my time is really short, I'm sorry I don't have time to say more, but things go well, I'll be sure to write more next week!
Haha ok, I found another computer with a longer time limit. So I still have to fly, but I'll try and give a little bit more detail. So this week we also went on exchange and blitzed an area and saw this incredible miracle! We knocked on the door of a less-active family and they answered the door and invited us in and the first thing that the lady says to us was that she had a friend that she wanted us to teach! Apparently the Sunday beforehand she'd spoken to her about some of the things that have been going on in her life and she ended up watching the restoration DVD with her as well! So that day she set up an apppintment for that night and the Elders were able to go and teach her! It was awesome especially since that area has literally had 0 investigators for over 3 weeks! It was a pretty awesome miracle! The Lord continues to show forth His hand in the work! Man, it's once again been so humbling to be out back in the field. You realize so much how you literally know how to do nothing. They talk about building an area, etc., but in the end after all you do it really is God that does the work. We've been working effectively, organizedly, etc. and yet not too much seems to be happening. But we continue to look for ways to improve and just keep expecting those miracles that we know are bound to come, haha but it's definitely been hard!
Elder Cook also left us with an Apostolic blessing that our mission would bless the lives of everyone that we care about, our families and friends now and in the future. So that's another brief rundown.

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