Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An intense, and super super fast week!

Wow, so this week disappeared, but it's good to hear that you guys are doing well! Man, so this week was awesome, number one because we worked a ton, number two because there was a baptism, and number three it was just sweet! So Thursday I was on exchange with Elder Morris, I think out of all the things I will enjoy doing the most as Zone Leader it will be going on exchanges and just getting to know the other missionaries and trying to help them in every aspect of the work. It was a good day, though it might have been a little boring for Elder Morris since he doesn't speak Spanish. But, we had some pretty interesting experiences. I had an opportunity to teach a [gentleman] and that was interesting, especially since I didn't have a companion to back me up, but the spirit is always the best companion, and while I definitely don't know the Bible as well as that guy I know my testimony, and it has been one of the things I've always been able to be confident in on the mission, I know that when I speak the spirit will bear witness of my words, and so it was with this man. No matter the citations in the Bible or any scripture, attempting to prove your point, there is nothing more powerful than the witness of the spirit, and while I could not answer his every question he also could not stand before a testimony built on the rock of Christ. It was really cool to just see the power of the spirit work on that man despite his hardened heart.
We actually had a lot of cool experiences this week, but I'll just hit the highlights. We had two super incredible miracles of meeting two other people that are extremely prepared. This Saturday we met an investigator from the Sisters in another ward that actually lives in our ward boundaries and will now be coming to our ward. Man, he is incredibly prepared, and while he hasn't yet accepted a baptismal date he is already sharing the Book of Mormon with his mother and friends, and he has a witness that it is true. He came to church on his own, just incredible, he will be baptized very very soon. We also met another guy named [V], haha he's the father of [J], the other really prepared guy, and I don't know, maybe it just runs in the family but he is extremely prepared. J brought home the Gospel Principles manual to his house and his Dad started to read it, and when we spoke with his Dad on Saturday he had read halfway through, understood it all, and could tell us the need to be baptized by immersion because of the symbolism that it brings and the need to be at an age of accountability. He also told us about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. He's about 74 years old, but he said to us, yeah I was baptized as a kid, but that wasn't right because it was a catholic baptism. So we invited him to be baptized and he accepted without even blinking an eye, he'll be baptized on the 26th! Super crazy! Then we taught J and him about the Word of Wisdom and they had no problem with it at all, accepted it in a ten minute lesson without even a single question about it. Super incredible, and then the next day instead of drinking coffee they had some sort of postum drink. It was honestly so ridiculous! They are so prepared! Then that Sunday we also had some super cool experiences. The old lady [investigator] was baptized!!! Ha ha the elder's there had to boil water to make the fount even relatively bearable but she was baptized and she is loving it. For some reason she really likes me and gave me hugs... Yeah, I'm not a huggy person and it's against mission rules, but it still happens to me a ton for some reason, haha but luckily she's an old lady Then we had stake correlation, it was honestly a very interesting experience to experience a meeting at the stake level, sitting there with President and the Stake Presidency. It was cool to see how the church runs and how the flow of information works. Hopefully some of the problems we discussed will be resolved. Though it's still weird for me to think that I'm discussing on a stake level the missionary work of the stake as well as the problems that the wards need to resolve. It throws me for a loop, sometimes I still feel like I'm 17 or 18. Then Monday I was on exchange once again, which was also cool, and this Tuesday we had our combined District Meeting as well as a night of music and inspiration. While I continue to perform poorly on the piano, somehow I've been repeatedly called back to play. The CDM went well though, and it was a spiritually and uplifting experience for all of us. Anyways, that was the week, super crazy, pretty busy, but with some incredible miracles! The Lord is pouring out his blessings, not to mention that the zone now has 17 baptismal dates, a very high number for normal, super incredible! We are just seeing so many blessings and miracles!

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