Monday, February 13, 2012

Jan 25th

So this week was a little bit better than last week! Actually it was super sweet! We had some really cool lessons with some investigators that are progressing! We have[ a] lady who was going to give up coffee, it was super sweet because she kept her commitment and has said she will not be returning to coffee. It's been very interesting to see some of these people with their struggles and difficulties. It's helped me really realize how much each person is so much of an individual. It's easy sometimes to get so wrapped up in numbers or pushing people to baptism that we forget their people with real problems, and that the commitments we're asking them to do are very serious and very much life changing for them. It's been really cool to have a deeper perspective and understanding on people and their needs, and see their great faith as they've sought to come closer to God even though it's meant great sacrifice.
Our little old lady [investigator] is also doing super well! We had a sweet lesson with her at the VC this Sunday and invited her to be baptized once again, just with three members and the sister there this time, haha man she's so funny, afterwards she comes up to me and in this joking tone says "Por que me hizo esta trampa" haha super funny, though I'm not sure how to translate that into English. Later that Sunday she said that she had a surprise for us, and last night she told us that she'll be getting baptized on the 5th of February!!! Haha it was super awesome! We were super happy for her, the spirit has touched her heart and she is more than ready to be baptized, she's one of those people that just has that light!
We've also had some crazy bold and ridiculous lessons. Haha it still amazes me at the things we can say to people as long as we have the spirit. We literaly told a man that he had to soften his heart and listen to us like 4 times during a lesson, and after reading many scriptures, not backing down, and testifying boldly, he finally did. It was super weird, but it is a testimony to me that the spirit is the one that teaches! As missionaries we truly do have an authority that cannot be denied when we are using it in righteousness. It reminds me of how James E. Talmage talks about how Christ could clear the temple and the people just let it happen though he had no worldly authority to do so. People recognize the power and authority of God when it is truly there. In short it has been a pretty cool week.
Oh by the way Mom, apparently I've changed a lot this transfer, so much so that one of our recent converts said that I would come home and you would be surprised at who I was. Apparently I'm not a little boy anymore. She said I was more serious, which may or may not be true. It's been a humbling transfer, definitely a growing one.

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