Monday, February 13, 2012

Quite the intense week-new responsibilities -Feb1st

Well, this week has been interesting.
Well, this week brought some interesting changes. I've known just about all transfer that I would be transferred, and thus it happened! However, there was some other things that came completely unexpectedly... This transfer I was called to be the new Zone Leader of the Silver Spring South Zone. Yeah, it was probably the biggest shock I've received on the mission... On call out nights we receive the transfers in a voice mail from our zone leaders, however, if we're training, changing leadership, or any other cool thing president also calls us and extends the call. Needless to say I was not expecting a call, and then the phone rang. Yeah, it was crazy... I honestly have no idea what I'm doing, what I'm supposed to do, or why I've received this calling... It's been one of the more overwhelming times of the mission for me as of yet, and God really seems to be pushing me. Still, as I've said before, I'm confident that the Lord shapes the back to the burden placed upon it. Hopefully I can be a good zone leader...
I'll be returning to the ward where I started the mission, which will be cool, it's really strange to think that I left it about 8 months ago... Ha, though I also feel slightly disappointed with myself. This last transfer wasn't a good one in numbers for us. And president noted it as well, he said, this transfer wasn't one of the more effective ones for me. And it's true, we struggled some. It makes me wonder if I did all I could have, though I feel like I did, this morning as I reviewed the area preparing it to be passed on I realized so much more I could've done. Haha they always say we should serve with no regrets, but unfortunately that just isn't possible. I believe we'll always wish we could've worked a little harder, been a little more effective, baptized a little more, loved the people a little more, everything... But I sure did try, hopefully the Lord can make me able in his hands to do His will no matter my inadequacies.
Anyways, it's been a humbling and strange experience for me, especially since no one, myself included, expected me to be Zone Leader so quickly, but I submit to the will of the Lord, if this is where he wants me there's gotta be a good reason for it. Other cool things for this week. As normally happens when I'm about to be transferred, our solid investigator is ready to be baptized this Sunday! Luckily I'll still get to return for the baptism! We also found a ton of new investigators this last week and a half, so the area is now full of potential for Elder Palmer and Elder Sterr. I'm still not sure why we just didn't see those miracles beforehand, I just really hope I wasn't holding back the Lord through something I was doing... There were some really sweet miracles! I'm also very excited to be serving with Elder Salazar from Colombia, my Spanish is definitely going to improve, and I'm excited to learn from him, this is his last transfer, and he's now served for more than two years, so he has a lot of experience and is a very very good missionary.
Man, other than that, I guess it was just interesting to leave the area. You never quite realize how much you love [the people you have taught] until it's time to head out. They're just amazing people, and it was cool to see their progression, I hope they'll be faithful for their whole lives. I am really grateful for the time I had to serve in the city and to meet so many people and learn to love them, it was a huge blessing!

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