Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another Week! Baptisms!!!

Man, I honestly don't think I've ever had weeks pass by more quickly! Life as a Zone Leader is sometimes very different, and it makes the time move by at an even faster pace than before! But we had some very cool experiences this last week! First of all we had some baptisms this weekend! Man, it was awesome, Natalie and her Son were baptized this Sunday, and they are incredibly ready. While a little nervous at what is required of them they are more than ready to put forth the effort to complete with the commandments. I'm not sure if that sentence makes sense, I couldn't think of some of the words in English! Anyways, they are very ready and [N] has especially made a lot of changes and is being a wonderful example to her coworkers! She refused alcohol at a party and got a lot of attention for it but stayed strong! Super cool! The other two people that were baptized in the ward was a baptism I thought I would never see. While I was in the city around October we started teaching this lady that lived in the city during the week but went to church in Silver Spring because that's where she lived on the weekends. She was incredibly prepared and we had some of probably the most spiritual lessons that I've ever had with her. However, due to some problems with her then boyfriend she wasn't able to get baptized despite being super ready. Then I was transferred here to Silver Spring and she was still having those problems and it looked like she wouldn't ever get baptized, but she and her now husband finally were baptized on Sunday! Man, it was probably one of the coolest baptisms ever! Man, it was just so incredible to see so many people that have touched my life come into the waters of baptism, and then to see them just surrounded and welcomed by the ward. It was really amazing, to just feel the love of the Lord for these people, and also my love for them. It was cool as well because we had some activities at the Visitors Center and I was able to see a lot of members from Olney, still my favorite ward, and just enjoy some time with them. A lot of little tender mercies. I also sang at the VC in a choir, weird huh?  Other than that the week has flown by, we just had our zone activity, which thanks to the help of some awesome members turned out really well. It was just a bbq with sports, but it was fun and hopefully a good time for people to get to know one another. Other news in the mission. Man, as a leader sometimes you hear about things you wish you never knew, and then it becomes your responsibility to try and help fix it. It's tough, and I definitely feel bad for all those priesthood leaders with so much to deal with. We just have a missionary that is struggling with some things, and it's crazy how much you really care about them. We feel like he's at a breaking point of either coming out of it and having a great mission, or not coming out of it and either having a terrible mission or going home... It's a scary thing. Hopefully we'll be able to  help them though. Man, the mission changes you. These last two weeks have been weeks of kind of intense changing for me I guess, or I guess intense thought. Though it has definitely strengthened my testimony of the reality of the atonement, of the sanctifying power of the Holy Ghost, and of the reality of God as our Father in Heaven. He is so very aware of us. I love this work! Oh, funny experience for the week, so we were checking on an investigator and we saw all these punk little kids kind of picking on each other and pushing each other around and what not. Two of them started to fight and wrestle, the one kid won, and then they pushed each other around some more. So we decided to go interrupt them  Haha we go over there and say "Hey, you guys want to fight us?" Haha they all said no, so we told them we were just joking, and then we gave them all pass along cards with Christ on it and told them not to fight because it wasn't cool. Then as we were walking away the two kids that were fighting eachother turned to each other and hugged! Haha it was super funny and cool. It was a mini testimony of how Christ can help change even the tiniest circumstances and make them better! 

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