Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Funny Story from Elder Brown about Elder Croft

Funny story: Last night Elder Pearson accompanied some Spanish elders singing at the Spanish Night of Music and Inspiration at the VC. I went and turned his pages (yeah, I felt about as talented as the place-holder in a field goal or the ball boys at Wimbledon). Elder Croft was accompanying another piece, and he had five sheets of music, all handwritten, that he put up on the piano. They looked pretty shaky and prone to sliding off, so I went down to help him out as he started to play. As soon as I got there, Sheet #4 fell off. So I calmly bent down, picked it up off the ground, and put it back in place....right as Sheet #2 fell onto his left hand. So I walked around him and grabbed that one and put it back...then Sheet #3-5 fell. This whole time he was just playing on, perfectly, as if nothing was happening. By this time Elder Pearson was down there with me, picking up 3-5. They just kept slipping off, so we ended up holding his sheets individually with our hands the whole time, switching the lone free sheet depending on where he was at (there were several repeats to the beginning). Elder Croft didn't miss a single note, although occasionally there would be a really dark shadow from one of us, or our arms would be blocking his notes for a second as we switched hands. It was pretty hilarious, and we got lots of compliments afterwards. The funny thing was when Sister Welch got up there after us and played 9 sheets of accompaniment music, switching them all by herself, and not missing a single note (or page). Yep, she pretty much showed us all up. 

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