Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another Week-Zone Conference

Man, so this week has been crazy! This week we had zone conference, which was fun and informative! President and Sister Matsumori trained on how to deal with people that want to bash thanks to all the new attention that the church should be receiving in our area, especially for English missionaries. Thankfully for the Spanish Missionaries it probably won't be too much of an issue. All of them already hate Romney haha. Anyways, we've also had an incredible miracle with a person named Roberto! He was found while I was on exchange, and half of the teaching he has received has been while he was on exchange as well, haha so I haven't gotten to know him as well as I would have liked, but he's an incredible person. He's had so many trials, and I'm not sure if I've already told you about him, but his life has been crazy. He was in a super depressed state when he met the missionaries, but since then, I'm pretty sure I've never met someone so happy! He accepted a b-date without even hearing the restoration, and after we taught the restoration his b-date got a week closer, so hopefully he'll be baptized on the 29th of April! Such an incredible person. He said "Originally I was looking for a society to belong to, but I know this isn't a society, this is the true church!" Haha as a missionary you never hear those words, he's such an incredible person, though I still don't feel like he's my investigator for some reason! He's a super cool guy though! Then I was also on exchange with [a struggling] missionary, and we were able to have a good talk and a really good exchange. He started out the exchange kind of down, but by the end of it he seemed to have re found the fire for missionary work. He's a really cool missionary, a convert that has had a lot of trials, but that has a firm testimony. By the end of the day he was reminded that it's actually fun and joyful to go out and work, not just a drudgery. That was thanks to God providing some awesome miracles. After some major rejections we were driving away from an area when he felt that we should knock a door. So we go and knock it and the guy is incredible! He's an Islamic converted Christian, and in his ending kneeling prayer he said he was grateful we had come by to talk to him with something better than he'd had before. Haha it was awesome and really sparked [the Elder] and reminded him why we're out here! Hopefully he can just keep the fire burning! Other cool things is that [J]and [V] are still the coolest converts in the world. [J] taught Elder's Quorum and I'm pretty sure he knows more than all the members, talking about How Brigham Young succeeded Joseph Smith because he was the Senior Apostle, etc. Yeah, super incredible! Not to mention the fact that they've brought their family who is now investigating the church in Virginia as well. Man, the work just continues to grow and grow and we just stand all amazed at the work God is doing! It's also been a week of a lot of reflection, as it always seems to be at the end of a transfer, and man, I've got some feelings that something big/different is going to happen soon, we'll see if it actually happens though, I really hope not, but I guess you'll hear next week! I've definitely grown a lot though... It's been cool to really learn to care even more for these missionaries and to serve them even more, and then to see so many miracles in our area as well. I'm just grateful that I'm a missionary! Oh another random cool fact, I learned how to fix bike gears this week, nice! 

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