Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another week, man, time is going way too fast!!!

Ok, so I'm not entirely sure what I did this week because I left my planner
in the car, but I'll do my best to remember. If I remember right we did a
lot of transfer recommendations and Stake correlation, or in other words
planning! Haha but it's ok, I've become much more accustomed to it, and
I've been able to see the value of what we do in helping the missionaries,
so it's not so bad, though at times it would still be nice to have a little
more time in our area. However, we've had some interesting experiences.
First of all we taught Doris and Anastacio and reviewed the baptismal
questions with them because they wanted to know what the requirements were
for baptism. Haha well that was interesting, luckily we've got out all
their doubts right now, and there were a lot of them! Pretty much a doubt
on every question, but it's all good, they're very willing to learn and
just have honest questions, so hopefully it won't be too difficult to help
them recognize the answers, as well as help them recognize that it's really
the spirit they felt that matters and not any of the questions that they
have. We also had some interesting experiences, one where we were teaching
a guy and he told us about a fairly grievous sin. I won't go into details,
but suffice it to say that it's a pretty grievous one. However, it's
definitely once again helped me see how much my love has grown, even for,
and perhaps especially for those who have wandered very far down those
paths of sin. He's extremely repentant, and it's been incredible to see how
the atonement has begun to work in his life. It's also been fun because
we've been able to serve the members of our zone in other ways, a little
different than normal. We have some areas that have really been struggling
to find, so we decided to go into one of their areas and just kind of do
the grunt work for them while they went and worked with members and
less-actives. It was pretty cool because number one we met a guy from
Kenya, and I got to use my limited amount of Swahili. "Jambo Bwana! Habari
Gani? Nzuri Sana!, Ninajua Yesu Kristo Anaishi!" haha and he was super cool
and later that evening became their first new investigator for the entire
transfer! It was a pretty cool miracle and it was fun to be able to serve
the members of the zone. Other than that I'm really struggling to remember
specific things. I know we had a lesson with one recent convert who wants
to split from his wife, and whose life just is not in the best shape. Man,
it's been weird to just realize that many of these adults just tell us
there many challenges and believe that we have the answers for them. It's
been extremely humbling and it's helped me realize even more how it is not
us at all that does this work. Those lessons are always just filled with
prayer as we try and figure out what in the world we can possibly say to
these people that will maybe be of some comfort or help. Other than that,
transfers are coming up this next week, so we'll see what happens, I have a
pretty good feeling that I'll be staying, haha especially since I just got

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