Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another week!

Well, this has been quite the interesting week, man, it's gone by incredibly quickly! However, we've been able to see a few incredible miracles! Probably one of the most incredible things was being able to fast with one of our investigators. Phil, who has been struggling with smoking, decided to fast for the first time in his life on Thursday, and it was incredible. A miracle really did occur and he hasn't smoked since then! It was the fulfillment of the promise in Isaiah 58 that says that bonds will be broken by a true fast. It was just humbling to see his faith, and then the miracle that followed! He's ready for baptism on this Sunday! We also had some other incredible experiences where the Lord guided us in our limited time to be able to see miracles in the area. We received a random call on Saturday in the mission office about a man who had just been hit by a car and was asking for a priesthood blessing in the hospital. We headed to the hospital and were able to give him a blessing. He was fine, in pain, but no life threatening injuries. However, what happened after was honestly
just an incredible experience. We were giving him the blessing in a little room divided into two, and while we were giving it both of us were wondering what the person on the other side of the curtain must have been thinking. As we finished the blessing an EMT from the other side of the curtain came in and said that the lady on the other side wanted us to come and pray for her as well. It was incredible to see the reverence in both of these two people as we were able to explain about the priesthood and offer a priesthood blessing. It was just incredible to see how the Lord can use us, and how the spirit of the Lord is so manifest in his ordinances. It was an incredible spiritual experience and strengthened my testimony of this work, of the direction of the Lord, and of the priesthood! We've also had zone conference, which has been fun, slightly stressful, and enjoyable!
Still, it's been sobering to realize the opportunity we have to train the mission, and how sacred the responsibility really is. We're training the army of the Lord, and it's forced us to depend more and more on the Lord to ensure that we're doing what He would do. Still, the trainings have been received well, we just hope that they choose to apply what we've been teaching them! That seems to be our problem, as well as everyone else's. We just seem to fail to apply what we learn! Today we also had the opportunity to go to the temple, which was a sobering experience. As of the end of this transfer every single leader that I've ever had in the mission will be gone... It's been very sobering, very humbling, and overwhelming as well...
It's going to be an interesting next transfer, but luckily there's still a
lot more time in this one!

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