Thursday, June 14, 2012

Another week

Man, time flies by so quickly I'm not even sure what happened this week...Honestly, haha I have no idea what happened! Alrighty, I'll try my best to
remember some things that we've done, I know we've done a lot, I'm just not sure what it is. This last Friday we had Leadership training meeting which was definitely an interesting experience. It's really weird sitting on the other side of the room, conducting, and then giving the "Assistants workshop".  However, our workshop turned out well and hopefully the mission leaders were able to get what they needed from it and can now pass it on to the rest of the mission. That's also a really weird thing, with every workshop we give to the Leaders we're effectively training the mission because they will now be passing on that workshop to the rest of the mission... Man, it's a heavy responsibility, and super weird to see the way missionaries listen and look at us, they even quote us sometimes, it's actually pretty awkward! It's interesting seeing things at this level, you can notice trends and kind of the feel of the mission. Recently we've noticed that the mission seems to be struggling to find a little bit of fire, so that has been the focus of a few of the trainings, trying to build the mission's fire. Being in this position has really helped me realize how
much thought goes into directing the mission, and how much work really is done behind the scenes to make things happen, it's honestly crazy how much stuff is done that most people don't even get to see. We also had a cool lesson with our investigator Phil. Man, he is incredibly prepared! We made him a calendar with all the events leading to baptism and he loved it! He's ready to be baptized on the 1st of July and is steadily working towards that goal. He came to church this Sunday dressed in a white shirt and said that after church he was just going to go home, eat, and read in the Book of Mormon for a few hours! Man, it's always so incredible to meet such prepared people! Other interesting experiences have been planning with President and Sister Matsumori. It's been really cool to have the opportunity to work with the Matsumoris on a much more personal level.
We've been able to have essentially business dinners and planning sessions with them where they honestly treat us as if our opinion matters, and I believe that it honestly does. They are incredible people, and we've already learned a ton from them, and I'm extremely grateful that now I have the opportunity to learn from them at a more intense level. It's been an interesting week with a lot of random experiences, going on a brief exchange in the city, talking to some interesting people, and learning more about how the spirit guides us. We've been able to better see the Lord guiding our efforts, as well as granting us some inspiration on leadership, councils, and life in general. It feels like my learning experience has been accelerated once again! Still, it's incredible, and still overwhelming, but the Lord has definitely sustained me, I only hope I'll be
able to fill this role once Elder Pierucci goes home...

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