Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another week!

Well, it was good to hear from all of you about Great Grandma's Funeral. It was interesting when President Matsumori spoke to me over the phone. He told me I came from a very rich heritage, and it's very true. Our family is so unique. We have a family that stems from pioneer heritage, from convert heritage, from General Authorities, and we're also second generation members, not to mention the fact that right now two of us are serving as missionaries. It's been humbling to see how much we have to live up to. I hope the funeral was a good experience, and a spiritual one. I imagine it definitely was.
For us our week has been fairly interesting! It's been an exciting and busy week because we've been able to go on 3 exchanges! I will definitely say that exchanges are probably the most enjoyable part of being an Assistant. Haha It's kind of sad, I just love missionary work so much, and when we're out on exchanges I'm super pumped and excited, and when we head on back to the office I just automatically get kind of down, without even thinking about it. It's something I've noticed recently, and I'm trying to learn how to love office work as much as I love work in the field, haha but it's definitely tough. Elder Pierucci pointed out that it's a good pointer for a career choice for me. Apparently I'm a people person, never would have thought that one, but I love working and serving people face to face.
Granted, office work is service, but it's definitely not the same. Still it was an exciting week, we were down in the city for a little bit, and then I was speaking Spanish, it was awesome!  We also had the opportunity to see Alex Boye perform here at the Visitor's Center twice, we went with a member of the ward who was excommunicated but who is now working through the repentance process in order to return, and no worries, we received permission to be working with him. It's sad to see that someone could fall so far, but it is a testament of the power of the atonement. That even a man who has fallen so far from where he was can still receive complete forgiveness. The Atonement has become more and more of a miracle for me as I see it work in the lives of all these people. We also went with Phil. Man, that guy is so incredible. He lost his job this week, and it happened as he was on his way to the Visitor's Center for an appointment with us. He said normally if that had happened to him he would have gone out drinking,
or looking for something to do, but instead he came to the Visitor's Center looking for help from God. Then just yesterday he texted us in the morning saying that he'd woken up with something of a spiritual thirst and that he was going to head down there by himself to just think, meditate, and walk around the temple. It's so incredible to see how God is working with him.
It's another testament to me that in all reality we really do nothing as missionaries, we just get blessed enough to see the Lord work through these people, and sometimes through us as well! 

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